Deleted Scene!

As the final draft of IotGC is coming to an end, I looked over all the deleted scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. Here’s one of my favorites. It was deleted because the old man character caused some plot holes in the film and he wasn’t that likable or interesting. We replaced this character with a younger character. But this scene seemed to really punctuate the relationship between John and the old man. Here it is!

John is working on the island, trying to get off. The mysterious old man is watching him work.

“Do you need any help?” the man says.

“Um. No.” John says, rudely and annoyed. He is too determined to get off the island.

The old man looks in his makeshift satchel. He walks over to John.

John notices the man, “Um. Excuse me? I’m kinda busy. So if you don’t mind…”

“I have a gift for you,” the man says.

“You…do?” John asks; he does not expect this.

“Yes. Here,” the man hands John a busted, old knife. Its handle is wrapped in palm tree leaves and the blade is somewhat rusted and old. Despite its appearance, the knife seems well crafted and seemed to once be shiny and clean.

“Um. No thanks. I don’t need it. I have a sword,” John replies.

“No you must. I don’t need it anymore. Consider it a just a little something from me. Believe me, this knife will prove to be very useful,” the old man insists.

“Okay, fine,” John grunts. He takes the knife and puts it in his jacket pocket.

“I knew you’d like it!” the man exclaims.

“I didn’t say I liked it. I took it.”

“Oh. Well, I’m sorry.” The man is a bit disappointed.

John continues to work and the man sits down underneath a nearby tree. John starts to think.

“Hey,” John yells toward the man. The man looks up toward John.

“If you’ve been stuck here for a couple years now, with no resources nearby…where’d you get this knife?”

The man grins widely, “You’re very clever, John, very clever.”

John continues to work, confused.


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