Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (WALL-E)

Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing, WALL-E. To be totally honest, I really don’t like this movie. I found it boring. I don’t really know what else I don’t like about it. But even though I don’t like this film, is this film good or bad? Let’s see.

Story: The humans have abandoned the Earth because it has become a complete wasteland. The only one left on Earth is a cute little robot named WALL-E. But after another robot named Eve (who he mispronounces Eva) lands on Earth, his life was changed forever.

Clever idea? Yes. Exciting idea? If executed correctly. Certainly the beginning is a bit slow, but I guess they tried to emphasize the relationship between Eve and WALL-E. That way, the climax seems a lot more emotional. The rest of the film is where it starts to pick up, leading up to a pretty epic climax. 

I remember watching this film in the theaters and nearly falling asleep in the first half, but was wide awake during the second. The ending is a bit cliche, but for some reason it is strangely heartwarming.

The first half is boring, but it picks up in the second.

Animation: Pixar animation…in space.

Characters: The main character is WALL-E, a little robot who is looking for love. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the character who does goofy things to get a cheap laugh from the kids. If it were a side character like the Minions, it wouldn’t be as bad. But as a main protagonist? The shtick gets old fast. 

Eve is pretty cool, especially in the opening. I love how if she doesn’t find what she’s looking for, SHE BLOWS THE THING TO SMITHEREENS! Not only does it bring out the part of me that just want utter destruction, but it shows a great contrast to the way she’ll act later on. It really shows the change in her personality upon meeting WALL-E.

The other characters are okay. Some are pretty forgettable. The other little robots are cute, the humans are disgusting, the captain is a pretty good character, and the auto pilot reminds me too much of HAL 9000,,,

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that….


In conclusion, this film was a pretty good film. Not one of my favorites, but it is one of the very good ones. The story is good, the animation is regular, and the characters are well developed. As much as I don’t like it, this film deserves a round of applause. See you later, Animators!


Story: 9

Animation: 9

Characters: 8


Total:  8.6 (9)


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