Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Cars)

Though not a lot of people like this movie, I respect it for what it gave us. Not only does it give such a ridiculous idea a heartwarming story, but it spawned the biggest and best expansion in Disney Park history.

But why do people not like this film? And what parts do I like about it? Let’s see.
Story: Rookie racecar, Lightning McQueen, is going to the big race in California. But then he is stranded in the little town of Radiator Springs, where he meets many colorful characters. Will he learn that sometimes you have to take it slow and to enjoy the journey?

…yes. This story is extremely predictable.  But besides the extremely bland story, it can pull off some pretty emotional and funny moments.

Animation: Pixar animation…that’s it. Nothing really that new…

Characters: The characters are pretty memorable. Lightning begins to grow on you throughout the film, Doc is amazing, and Mater is one of the few things Larry the Cable Guy has done right recently.

The only character that I have a problem with is Sally. She is so bland and boring. I wouldn’t be so bothered if she was just a minor character, but she’s a main character. Even the minor characters are more interesting than her!

In conclusion, Cars is a decent film. The story is predictable, the animation is normal, and most of the characters are likeable. It’s not a great film, but it is certainly very enjoyable. See you later, Animators!

Story: 6
Animation: 9
Characters: 7
Total: 7.3 (7)

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