Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Monsters Inc.)

This is my second favorite Pixar film. Again, mainly because I grew up with it. But is it good or is it bad? Let’s see

Story: So in a world of monsters that scare humans but are scared of humans as well, what’s the worst that can happen? A human getting out into the monster world? That’s what happens to Sulley and his buddy Mike. Now they have to bring their new human pal, Boo, back home.

Creative premise? Yes. But that’s not even the half it. There is the idea of human screams giving the energy to the monsters, the growing relationship between Sulley and Boo, and a monster jealous of Sulley trying to get revenge.

As great as this is, having many plot points and story elements can be a burden to the story. It can further complicate the already existing story. I’m all for complex stories, but this one can get a bit too complicated and hard to follow.

I still want to give credit to it’s creativity and uniqueness to similar stories. It’s good, but it has it’s problems.

Animation: Do I need to get into this? It’s Pixar. They are always good. But if I have to elaborate, here’s a deeper analysis.

The designs of this monster world are so creative. The little details they put into the cities and towns make the world seem more realistic.

The monsters are great as well. Sulley has an oustanding design. The fact that he has so much hair astounds me. I could do that in Blender if I wanted too. My computer would just explode into a million little pieces if I tried.

I am glad they gave Mike arms. In an original design, Mike didn’t have arms. It looked odd and kind of distracting. I am glad with how it turned out.

The animation is Pixar standard.

Characters: Sulley is the normal nice guy, that’s it. Mike is the fast-talking best friend who is just there for comic relief. He kind of reminds me of me, though….

Boo is only there to be cute… and it works. Dear God, she is adorable!

They are rather simple characters but what makes them work is not who they are, but how they cooperate with each other. The way they respond to each other is what makes them so interesting. 

Simple characters, but when they cooperate with each other, they work.

In conclusion, Monsters Inc. is a good film, though it has it’s problems. I would recommend watching it, but only unless you really love it, like me, should you watch many times again.

See you later, Animators!

Story: 7
Animation: 10
Characters: 7
Total: 6


6 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Monsters Inc.)

  1. I LOVE Monsters Inc. When I was little, I would watch it over and over again. If we weren’t doing anything that day, I would just sit in my room and watch it on VHS all day. This movie and also Spirit. After I saw MU, I wanted so much to watch the first one, but I still haven’t been able to find the VHS!!!

      • You also said that your favorite of all time is the Toy Story series. I almost agree but wouldn’t say that it is completely my favorite. I do wish I liked it more. It’s just that when I was younger, my little brother and sister would have it playing in the little dvd player in the car. So every time we would go somwhere, whether it be to another state or even just the grocery store, they would have to turn it on. Then, if we went into the store, when we came back out, they didn’t want to start it from where we left off. They just started it from the begining again. And again. And again. So really, I think that I’ve just gotton tired of it. They did the same thing with Finding Nemo, but I really don’t think that Nemo can get old. 😛

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