Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Toy Story 2)

Hey guys! Being the third Pixar film after two successful ones, this one has to be good right? Of course. In the course of the last four years Pixar had as a studio and having all of their movies be a success, Pixar had proven themselves to be a very successful film studio.

This was the first Pixar film I had ever watched, and it gave me a deep love of the Toy Story series. It still remains as my number one favorite film franchise, maybe even my favorite film in general. I still have the DVD of this film on my shelf. But my nostalgia aside, is this film good or bad?

Let’s see.

Story: Andy is having a garage sale, and Woody is reunited with an old friend of his… and he wasn’t in the first movie so we have no idea who the heck he is. But this friend of Woody’s is being sold in the garage sale, so Woody decides to save him. But Woody is stolen by a crazy toy collector. Now it’s up to Buzz and the gang to go and rescue him.

Okay, seems pretty cliche from here. Where does some actual Pixar writing come in? Well, let me answer that.

While in the toy collector’s home, Woody realizes that he’s an extremely rare toy. He even has his own franchise. There are so many things themed to Woody. Things like bubble makers, toys, shoes, and even cereal! You heard me. There is Woody cereal. That’s ridiculous. Next you’ll be telling me that the old boxes are used to create amusement parks for bugs! HAHAH- Wait. They do? Oh…

With all jokes aside, the story for this film is outstanding. It shows truly realistic dilemmas that are discussed in a very mature manner. Seeing Woody decide whether he wants to stay with Andy and watch him grow up without him, or stay in a museum where he can be loved forever, shows how seriously Pixar takes their audience. The story is top notch.


Animation: I have to give Pixar credit. They made the humans look less creepy. Sure, there are some creepy humans like Andy, who is still creepy as heck.

The scenery is more realistic, the toys look more like real toys, and the overall lighting in this film is amazing. Everything is so much better than before.


Characters: Okay, you got the regular characters Buzz and Woody, they are the same. But you know how the first film was more about Buzz? This one focuses more on Woody and his deep friendship with Andy. 

The other toys haven’t changed, granted they have more to do with the plot now. The new characters such as Jessie, Pete, and Bullseye, are just as great as the originals. They are well developed, funny, and just all around lovable.

Wheezy on the other hand, is not such a great character. They don’t give an introduction to this guy, they just throw him at you and expect you to like him. The minute he is introduced, he throws an “emotional” monologue at you. But as an audience, WE DON’T CARE. If you want us to feel for a character, give us a character. How do we feel for someone we know nothing about? I have a feeling they just wanted to sell more toys at Toy Story Midway Mania. Have you seen the gift shop? There’s a barrel of Wheezy dolls! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT FUDGING WHEEZY!!!!!!


In conclusion, Toy Story 2 is a great film that is just as good as it was back in 1999. I will continue to see this film again and again, and I hope you will too. See you later, Animators!


Story: 9

Animation: 8

Characters: 8


Total: 8.3 (rounding off to 8)


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