Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (A Bug’s Life)

With “Toy Story” being a big hit, Pixar had to make another film. One problem, how will they top their last film? How can they replicate their naivety while making their first film?

Will Pixar make a second hit? Or are they just a one hit wonder? Let’s see.

Story: The story goes something like this: A group of ants work to gather food for a bunch of lazy grasshoppers. But Flik, an ant, decides to get some warriors to fight back, only to get a bunch of circus performers instead.

It’s obviously a take on the “Ant and the Grasshopper” story. But does it work?

Sort of. Pixar managed to work in some writing cliches here and there, but overall it works fine.

Animation: Pixar improved a lot in this film. It seemed more realistic in this world, where as Toy Story looked too…plastic. Which would only work for the toys in that case.

The character designs were greatly improved also. Not only are they less plastic, but they developed a new feature in computer animation, subdivision surfaces.

Take this cube for example:

Now look at it with subdivision surfacing:

Looks rounder, doesn’t it? Now with a smoother shading such as this:

Now it has a more spherical shape to it. It is also much smoother. The ants can now have round and circular body parts.

The animation improved from their last film. They even invented so new features and tools along the way.

Characters: Like the story, Pixar managed to get some pretty cliche characters. Flik is the ant who’s an outcast. Atta is the princess who has trouble doing her job. The circus bugs are kind of like the other toys in Toy Story, except they actually do things to help the plot.

In conclusion, A Bug’s Life is good, bit not as good as Toy Story. It is worth watching, but not more than once. But with two films out of their way, what new story will they write ne-what’s that? A sequel to Toy Story? Oh…

See you later, Animators!

Story: 8
Animation: 8
Characters: 6
Total: 7.3 (rounding off to a 7)

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