Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Toy Story)

Nobody does computer animated films like Pixar. Their grade-A animation, lovable characters, state of the art technology, and tremendously good stories. These guys were the pioneers of the industry.

So as tribute to this groundbreaking studio, I am here to review all their films from Toy Story to Monsters University. So let’s start with the one that started it all, Toy Story.

Does this groundbreaking three dimensional classic still hold up, or does it fall flat? Let’s see.

Story: You see, this is Pixar’s strongest point. The story. Amazing and realistic animation will never fix a bad story.

The idea of toys coming to life when kids aren’t around isn’t new. But the way Pixar executed it made it feel new and real. The relationships between characters are realistic and the problems they got through are very realistic as well.

Overall, Pixar did no wrong when writing this flick.

Animation: For 1995, in the first fully computer animated film, this is impressive. Sure, the movements are choppy and the humans are just…ew… But it was innovative and daring at the time.

For animation done back in the 90’s, it’s great. It was a bit weird at times, but I will at least give credit for their effort. And they still came up with a great result.

Characters: We know all the characters, right? There’s Woody Pride, the favorite toy of Andy. He’s a bit of a control freak and wants to be Andy’s favorite all the time. But then Buzz Lightyear come along. He’s the new favorite toy of Andy and he actually thinks he’s the real Buzz Lightyear!

There are other characters that don’t really serve much purpose other than to crack a joke every once and a while.

The relationship between Buzz and Woody is so believable, and their constant bickering gives so many comedic opportunities. They are extremely three-dimensional characters (no pun intended), and everything about them is relatable. We all go through that bit of jealousy and that pain of figuring out that something or someone you fully believed in wasn’t the truth.

They are great characters, and they have a very good reason to be memorable.

In conclusion, Toy Story is an absolute cinematic classic. The story is great, the animation is impressive for what they had at the time, and the characters are memorable and well-developed. This is a must-see for anyone. And it certainly was a great start for an amazing studio. See you later, Animators!

Story: 9
Animation: 8
Characters: 9.5
Total: 8.8 (rounding off to a 9)


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