Oswald Reviews: The Emperor’s New Groove

While looking through my old Disney DVD’s, I came across this movie. I thought, “This is a film no one really talks about. How about I watch it!”

You either love or hate this film. I love it. I love the characters, I love the story, and I love the comedy. But besides my love for this film, does it make it a good movie or a bad movie? Let’s see.

Story: David Spade is a llama. Let me just process that sentence for a while. (sigh) Okay. Let’s keep going.

Of course, that premise sounds ridiculous. But is the plot bad? Not really. It is an okay plot. There are just so many cliche moments. Some points just don’t even make sense.

There is this part where Kuzco leaves Pacha. But then the next scene shows them coming back together. What was the point of that?

Overall, the story is okay. It has its moments but the rest is cliche.

Animation: It’s Disney. What else is there to say? The environments are HUGE. I am not kidding. There’s this giant bridge and it is ENORMOUS!

Also, the mixing of computer animation and traditional animation is flawless. I couldn’t even tell that some things were CG until they mentioned it in the BTS.

The amimation is Disney quality, but it still wasn’t their best work.

Characters: All the characters are just cliche. Kuzco’s the self-centered jerk. Pacha’s a family man. Yzma is the one who wants revenge. Kronk is the idiot.

With all these cliche characters, are they good? Yeah. They are pretty decent. Not great. But they we decent. Most of them were memorable, and some got a small laugh out of me.

Overall, the characters are decent, but cliche.

In conclusion, The Emperor’s New Groove is a decent family film that is worth watching, but I wouldn’t watch it more than once.

That’s my review! Tell tour thoughts in the replies below. See you later, Animators!

Story: 3
Animation: 7
Characters: 5
Total: 5


5 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: The Emperor’s New Groove

      • Yes, I will. The movie did interest me, but did not strike as my favorites list. It moved to fast and the plot was as cliche as ever. Someone gets taken and Neeson has to find them. The fighting cam was shaky. I know it helps you get involved with the action but I’d rather have a straight camera angle that I can actually see.

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