Oswald Reviews: Titanic the Animated Movie (the other one)

I didn’t think that there could be a movie worse than the first animated Titanic movie and “A Troll in Central Park” combined. But what made this film so bad?

Let’s… just get this over with.

Story: Not only was this story a complete rip off of the Cameron version, but they add this “save the whales” subplot that is so insulting to the actual event. There’s magic moon beams with talking animals, giant octopi, and the fact that NO ONE DIED. How insulting is that? You mean that all those dead and missing people were never dead or missing in the first place? THIS IS CRAZY! THIS IS MADNESS!

THIS. IS. SPART- sorry. I couldn’t resist.


Animation: If you thought the first Titanic animated film had bad animation, you were horridly mistaken. The movements are to rigid and are terribly timed. Half the time, the character’s mouths didn’t match what they were saying! They didn’t close their mouths most of the time. How did they even talk?


Characters: I have three words for you. DULL. BLAND. BORING. We don’t know anything about these characters. They are bland and two-dimensional. The girl is boring, the villain is boring, those mice were boring, the guy strangely obsessed over a glove was boring. But seriously man, it’s a glove. Sniffing it is just weird.


I never thought I’d see such a bad film. It was bland, boring, and downright insulting. I never thought I’d say this, but this movie deserves a score of 0. That’s right, 0. That’s how bad it is, and that’s how bad it will always be. See you later, Animators!


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