Oswald Reviews: Titanic the Animated Movie

You guys saw it coming. You knew I would eventually see this. And my god, I did it. I saw this terrible film. I’ve never seen a worse rip off since Transmorphers. What made this film so terrible? Let’s see.

Story: James Cameron’s The Titanic…

…with talking animals and Mexican mice.

I am dead serious. Half of the plot points in the Cameron film were in this one. But can you notice it? HECK YEAH.

In addition to the obvious rip off, we have a butt load of sub plots to care about. They even shownis imporrant scenes like seagull butt. Yeah. There’s seagull butt in the movie. But to be totally honest, don’t you think the seagull’s butt would make a much better movie?

Animation: My God, is the animation bad. The movement is awkward, the scenes are, and there’s a rapping dog.

And it comes out of no where, too. He just saved a kid’s life and then starts rapping about…whatever the heck he wants. I guess he was rapping about being the boss of all the animals or something like that. He does this while dancing…by doing the same thing over and over again.

I hate the animation…

Characters: I won’t be able to talk about all the characters because THERE ARE TOO MANY.

Let’s count there’s Angelina who is missing a mother and is living with her aunt…stepmother…grandmother…I don’t know.

The guy (don’t really remember his name) who lives with his…nanny…maid…aunt…the relationships in this movie are too complicated.

A bunch mice who are Mexican…Spanish…Brazilian…I can’t tell.

A bunch of Mexican, racially insensitive singing mice.

And then there’s the nanny…maid…aunt…whatever she is. She is missing her daughter. What a coincidence! A girl is missing her mother!

And there’s a lot more.

Overall, there are too many characters and all of then are bland and underdeveloped.

In conclusion, this film sucks. It is complete rip off of the James Cameron movie, the animation is terrible, and the characters are as bland. I don’t reccomend it at all.

But if you excuse me, I’m going to start writing the screenplay to “SEAGULL BUTT: The Movie”. See you later, Animators!

Story: 2
Animation: 1
Characters: 1
Total: 1.3 (rounding off to a score of 1)


8 thoughts on “Oswald Reviews: Titanic the Animated Movie

  1. Never seen this one yet, but the fact that an animated film worse than “A Troll in Central Park” exists frightens me.

    I know Doug has reviewed this as well as the other animated one. Do you plan on reviewing the OTHER animated Italian Titanic movie?

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