Computer Animation vs. Traditional Animation

We’ve all heard this argument before. Traditional animation will always be supreme because all people who do computer animation are just lazy bums. I, a computer animator, do hear this stereotype frequently.

But what is better? Computer Animation?  Or Traditional Animation?  Let’s see.
As much as I love both versions of the art form, I was never able to compare the two because they both have the same amount of pros and cons.

Traditional is more time consuming and mistakes can be easily made. But it gives the animator more control and emotion over the character.

Computer is downright expensive. The animator is restricted to what the rig is able to do. But the computer can help the animator make the visuals more realistic and the tools given in a typical animation software gives the animator an easier job.

They both have pros and cons. But what about the idea that computer animators are lazy and let the computer do all of the work. As a computer animator myself, I can tell you rhat is certainly not true.

The computer doesn’t do everything. In fact, the computer does next to nothing at all! The animator solely uses the software as a tool to create animation. It takes just as much skill and hard work as a traditional animator should have. If you traditionally animate right now, you might actually be good at computer. Try it, see what you think.

So then, in my opinion, what do I think? Which form is better? I’d say that the Traditional route is better.


I like the way the animator isn’t restricted to what a generated rig can do. It gives more creativity and control to the animator.

But doea that make Computer animation any less important? No. Computer animation deserves just as much respect as Traditional animation. As I sometimes say, there is a lot more emotion in the animator’s hand than any other.

See you later, Animators!


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