Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth (part 3)

Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth (part 3)

After filing for bankruptcy, what would a successful animator do now? Make a video game of course!

…weird choice.

Don Bluth teamed up with the Advanced Microcomputer Systems company and created “Dragon’s Lair”!

This game was about a knight named Dirk (weird name) trying to save a princess from a castle. How original.

This game was FRIDGING AWESOME! It was fast paced, fully animated, and was really popular and fun. It was a ginormous hit.

After the success of the “Dragon’s Lair” game, Don made another game called “Space Ace”. It was like “Dragon’s Lair”, but in space. Oh yeah, and the player quickly switched back and forth from heroic grown man to wimpy teenage boy. It was a minor setback.

This game wasn’t as popular as “Dragon’s Lair”, but it was liked by people.

With “Dragon’s Lair” and “Space Ace” being successful, a “Dragon’s Lair” sequel was underway. When it came out, it was weird. I mean REALLY weird. It was like a kindergartener on a sugar rush jumping on a couch while yodeling Disney music. It’s that weird.

Not only that, the video arcade business crashed, and no one liked arcades anymore. “Dragon’s Lair II” was rare at the time so the video game wasn’t that successful. Don filed for bankruptcy again.

So with the video game thing failing, what was
Don supposed to do now? Team up with world-renowned director and producer Steven Spielberg of course! It was the right choice.

The two made movies like “An American Tail”, “The Land Before Time”, and “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. All of which was a huge success.

but all things started going downhill when movies like “Rock-a-Doodle”, “The Pebble and the Penguin”, and that piece of Oswald movie called “A Troll in Central Park”.

Don wasn’t doing very well.

Things got worse when he started making films with Fox Animation Studios when he released “Titan A.E.”. But “Anastasia” did well, so that was a plus!

Currently, Don has worked on various video games, music videos, and even has a Youth Theater.

And that’s Don Bluth! Sure he wasn’t always such a success, but when he was good, he was good. And with that, he still qualifies as an animation hero.

See you later, Animators!


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