Oswald Reviews: Despicable Me 2

I loved the first Despicable Me film. It was heartwarming and funny at the same time. So when a sequel was released, I wasn’t as hyped. I didn’t know what else they could do with the characrers.

So recently I saw the film. What did I think of it? I liked it. It wasn’t phenomenal, but I enjoyed it. But it still had problems. What were they? Let’s see.

Story: The plot is a simple spy story. Gru is a spy investigating a heist. Someone stole a serum that does really harmful things. Along the way he meets a spy named Lucy.

Overall, the plot is really predictable. You know how the problems are going to be solved and cliche after cliche is thown at you.

How are the jokes? They are funny. The minions are funny. I have never thought the minions were funny. But this movie proved me wrong. Most of the time I found myself laughing at the minions craziness. I was amazed.

The story isn’t bery good, but the jokes are hilarious.

Animation: The animation is good. I like the use of squash and stretch. But sometimes they use it too much.

The character designs are creative and fun. But I feel it gets too goofy sometimes.

Characters: This is the film’s weakest aspect. The characters from the first film aren’t developed any further and the new ones don’t get much development at all. Sometimes certain characters even were completely forgotten about. Again, not the strongest aspect of the film.

In conclusion, Despicable Me 2 is a good family flick that most people would enjoy. The film does have some flaws, but they don’t distract the best elements of it. I personally liked this film, but from a critic standpoint, this film is a good film. It wasn’t great, but it was worth watching.

Story: 5
Animation: 8.8
Characters: 3
Overall: 5.6


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