Hey guys.  I got hit in the head whilst playing dodgeball. I have a bit of a headache. Don’t expect posts for a day or two. I’ll post as soon as I feel better.

See you later, Animators!


1, 000 view Special

With 1, 000 views approaching, I decided to do a special to celebrate the 1, 000th view! Plans are being made right now, and in a week or two, the apecial will be released!

If only I had 1, 000 views now. I can just see in my stats that I currently have


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO- wait, doesn’t that mean the special will be late? Shoot…

Woah…I am late…

Sorry for the extremely late post today. Got home from school and I was knocked out. So, that means tomorrow is another Pixar review, and overmorrow is the Haunted Mansion post.

… and yes, overmorrow is a word. It is just that no one uses it anymore.

See you later, Animators! 

New Mara Effect at Indiana Jones Adventure Ride at Disneyland


Okay, recently the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland California went through a major refurbishment. Apparently they improved the Mara idol effect, adding things like gold, blood, rust, and even a Doctor Who Time Vortex! That was nice of them.

But what do I think of it? It looks so AWESOME!

The effects are creepy and scary. The fact that there is blood on the idol in the eternal beauty scene makes the scene so much scarier. I can’t wait to see this in person.

Which room do I like the best? Here’s my ranking of each room:

3. Unearthly Riches
2. Eternal Beauty in the Fountain of Youth
1. Vision of the Future

The reason I love the Vision of the Future room the most is because it looks like Doctor Who. And if you don’t know, my favorite TV show is Doctor Who.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow, I will post the next part of the Haunted Mansion history and secrets series. See you later, Animators!

Oswald Reviews: Pixar Movies (Toy Story 2)

Hey guys! Being the third Pixar film after two successful ones, this one has to be good right? Of course. In the course of the last four years Pixar had as a studio and having all of their movies be a success, Pixar had proven themselves to be a very successful film studio.

This was the first Pixar film I had ever watched, and it gave me a deep love of the Toy Story series. It still remains as my number one favorite film franchise, maybe even my favorite film in general. I still have the DVD of this film on my shelf. But my nostalgia aside, is this film good or bad?

Let’s see.

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