Don’t try to avoid the inevitable…

Don't try to avoid the inevitable...

As said in the title, never try to avoid the inevitable. Eventually it will happen. For nearly 7 months now, I have tried to avoid problems in production. But lucky me, it happened. Something went wrong.

When John is imported into another blend file, his clothes don’t follow the rig. So I have three options:

1. Create another rig.
2. Make better clothing.
3. completely restart on John.

I certainly doesn’t want to do option number 3. But remodeling the clothes and rebuilding the rig sound like good ideas. I could test out the “Rigify” Feature in Blender. This feature builds the rig for me, going along with a couple guideline bones.

But if all else fails, I will have no choice but to remodel John. That is possibly a choice that will inevitably come. But if dodging the inevitable was good for 7 years, I think I can do it for a couple more months. 🙂

See you later, Animators!

P.S. Don’t worry about “Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth”! I haven’t forgotten about it!

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