Top 8 Animated Films I Hate But Everyone Else Likes

Hey guys! If you can remember, I wrote a post talking about a bunch of movies I liked but no one else did. And today I am going to do the opposite! Today I am going to talk about the Top Ten Animated Films I HATE But Everyone Else Likes.

This is inspired by Nostalgia Critic and The Animation Commendation. Thanks Guys!

Now, with the introduction out of the way, let’s start with number 8!

8. My Neighbor Totoro – I am the only one in my family, heck, even in the entire world who doesn’t like this film. But the reason why I didn’t put it too high on the list is because I don’t despise it. The idea is clever and cute, and the animation is absolutely beautiful.

But what don’t I like about it? Sometimes the story is pretty slow and boring. Sometimes things aren’t very well explained. But when the story starts to get going, it REALLY gets going. The visuals start getting good. the story starts to become more exciting, and the characters get interesting. But the other thing I don’t like is the main character. More like main characters actually. I find them a bit annoying. They seem to yell a lot. When I told this to my sister she said if that the next time my friends and I come over and we are just as loud and annoying, she wins. She won.

My Neighbor Totoro is…ehh… to me. But I would still recommend it.

7. How To Train Your Dragon – To be totally honest, I don’t know why I don’t like this film. Maybe it’s because of my deep hatred of Dreamworks. Maybe it’s because the story is pretty predictable. Hiccup befriends a dragon and everyone else doesn’t understand that dragons have feelings, too. How is this going to end? Obviously, in the end Hiccup convinces everyone that dragons aren’t as bad as they thought and the two join forces to kick butt.

So the movie is also an…ehh… movie for me. But the sequel? I am extremely excited for that. Watch the trailer right now and tell me you aren’t pumped for this film!

6. Coraline – This film is weird. Period. That is it. I watched this when I was six. Do you think this film had a pretty bad impact on me? Yes. I had really strange nightmares after watching is. The visuals are creative, but at times they get just freaky. And plus, the idea of taking out your eyes and sowing buttons into your eye sockets still freaks me out to this day. I wasn’t really happy with this film. It was as freaky as a close up photo of a spider’s face. Eww…

5. Happy Feet – This film was boring, confusing, and bland. The characters are bland, the story is predictable and cliché, and the acting is…ehhh. (I’m saying that a lot.) The plot can get confusing pretty quickly, and is really is predictable. I never liked this film, but if you do like this film I can still talk to you.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – Don’t kill me guys. I find this movie boring. (GASP) I know, I know, it is true. I find this movie boring. The characters are pretty one dimensional also. The evil queen is a pretty weak villain, the prince is barely in it, Snow White is bland, but the dwarves are enjoyable.

To give this film credit, this film is amazingly impressive. For one of the first animated films, it holds up really well. The animation is beautiful. You can really feel the emotion in the characters. Okay, I can’t really feel any emotion in Snow White or the Prince. The dwarves are the highlight of the film.

But it does have on elf the saddest moments in Disney history. It is so sad, Grumpy cries. DARN YOU DISNEY! YOU MADE GRUMPY CRY!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHH!

This film doesn’t do it for me. But it does have a few enjoyable elements in it, but not a lot.

3. The Shrek Movies – I think I am one of the few people who hate Shrek. The humor is just a bunch of pop culture references, and you know I can’t stand that. The characters are either mean spirited, or annoying. The plots are creative, but they could do so much more with them! So many of these films could have been so much better if a lot more thought went into some of these plots!

I never liked these films. And I will never begin to like them anytime soon.

2. Antz – Again, maybe it’s my hatred of Dreamworks that brings me to hate this film. But not only are the characters a bit cliché, but the visuals are hard to look at, and the plot is predictable…just like A Bug’s Life…


And the number one Animated Film I Hate But Everyone Else Likes is…

1. WALL-E – I find this film boring. Sorry. As much as I love Pixar, I didn’t find this movie memorable. I just remember two robots, and space. But to be honest, the intention of the film is good. Especially in a polluted planet like Earth. In conclusion, forgettable film, but good intention.

So that’s the Top 8 Animated Films I Hate But Everyone Else Likes! I hope you enjoyed this. But after writing this, I kind of want to watch these films over again to try to see what people like about them. And a little challenge for you! Count how many times I say the words, “Cliché”, “Boring”, and “Predictable”. Post in the replies below.

See you later, Animators!


2 thoughts on “Top 8 Animated Films I Hate But Everyone Else Likes

  1. Ok, here’s my replies to your movies:

    8) Never seen it, so I can’t say anything
    7) This was my fave Dreamworks film until “Rise of the Guardians” came out
    6) I agree with you: Super freaky movie
    5) I agree with you again! I wish that I had put this on my list!
    4) HOW DARE YOU?! NOBODY DISLIKES THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL, LOL! Oh, and it’s actually spelt “Dwarfs”, not “Dwarves”.
    3, 2, and 1) I had these on my list as well, so I agree with you!

    Now, for the word count:

    Cliche: 2
    Boring: 4
    Predictable: 4

  2. 8) Never seen it
    7) I can’t stand Hickup. He is an annoying character with an annoying voice. And the movie is lazy. It’s not bad, but overrated.
    6) I can’t bring myself to watch it…..
    5) Bored me, too….
    4) I understand where you are coming from, but there are still a lot of impressive scene in the movie. It also gets bonus points for aging so well…I bet a lot of movies which are currently popular will be forgotten in 75 years.
    3 and 2) I so agree…but then, the ONLY DreamWorks CGI movie I really, really like is Rise of the Guardians.
    1) I get where you are coming from….I think Wall-E would have worked better as a short. The moment the humans turn up, everything goes downhill imho.

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