Disney Channel Week: Fish Hooks

I wanted to make a post about all of the cartoons combined. But this one was so bad, it deserved a post of it’s own. GOOD JOB FISH HOOKS! YOU MADE ME LOSE ALL HOPE THAT DISNEY CHANNEL WAS DECENT.

Why don’t we say how we really feel about this little abomination we call a show! Let’s watch “Fish Hooks”.

What is good about this show? Nothing. The premise is dumb, the characters are dumb, the jokes are dumb, EVERYTHING IS SO FREAKING DUMB.

A Disney MadLib is the premise.

Milo is a fish who has a high school called Freshwater High. Together with his friends Oscar and Bea, they go on various adventures.

Not only that, the characters are as bland as unflavored bread smothered in blandness. It is that bad. They are forgettable, bland, and totally unfunny. They have no personality whatsoever. Not only are they forgettable, but they are DUMB. They are as annoyingly dumb as…teenage gamers. Boy, they are annoying… (no offense)

The character designs are so ugly and hard to look at. The animation is choppy and cheap. What is worse than this.

The jokes are unbelievably unfunny. It tries way too hard to be hip and modern. It just comes off as dated and ANNOYING. VERY ANNOYING. VERY VERY ANNOYING. VERY VERY VERY ANNOYING. They also use terrible, gross-out humor. I have to repeatedly say “that’s not funny” whenever a supposed “joke” was made.

In conclusion, Fish Hooks sucks. See you lat- just kidding I have more to say.

The premise is ridiculous, the characters are dumb and annoying, and the jokes are NOT FUNNY. On the Disney Channel Scale, it lands even past the highest amount of bad. It landed on Psychotic Rampage. I’d lock your doors if I were you…

See you later (maybe sooner than expected), Animators!


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