Disney Channel Week: Dog with a Blog

(sigh) I can’t believe you Disney. How lame can you possibly be? A dog who has a blog? What were you thinking when this idea came about? You probably thought…

“Oh, I have an idea for a great show! It is a talking dog, who starts a blog, and goes on adventures with his family. I SMELL GEEENIIIIOUUUUUUS!”

Seriously Disney, what were you thinking? What did you eat or drink to find this entertaining? ‘Cause I want some. It sounds good.

Why am I causing such a hullabaloo? Let’s find out! Let’s watch “Dog with a Blog”.

The basic premise of this show is not really a Disney MadLib. But I guess it would work. Stan is a talking dog who started a blog about his daily life with his crazy family. God, just saying that makes this show a lot weirder.

The characters are so forgettable I don’t remember half their names. The most memorable ones the Dog. You know you’ve done something wrong when the dog is more memorable than the actual human characters.

The jokes are….gosh they’re bad. They are so unfunny and gross. I laughed at nearly none of them. But what I would like to bring up is the impossible.

This show made me laugh out loud. I’m not kidding. I legitimately laughed out loud. The show I hated the most made me laugh out loud. Why?

Well, in one episode, the kids think their parents are about to have a baby. But they really are just planning on expanding the house and buying a boat. But in one scene where the kids confront the parents to find out what is going on. And what the parents say is just hilarious. The timing and context of what they are saying plus the kids’ reactions to it, make the scene downright hilarious.

They say stuff like “We’re gonna throw it on the wall” and “We’ll ride it around on the lake”. And every second of it had me laughing. I am surprised the most ridiculous and dumb ideas in Disney Channel made me laugh.

But does this make it good? Absolutely not. The characters are bland, the premise is idiotic, and the jokes are most of the time really weak. But when the jokes work, boy do they work. On the Disney Channel scale, I’ll put it on the OMG KILL ME stage.

Sorry for the late post, I’ve been working on the film and some school work for over the summer.

Tomorrow, I will be discussing the Disney Cartoons! See you later, Animators!


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