Disney Channel Week: A.N.T. Farm

When I said Austin and Ally was bad, I was totally wrong. It is terrible. Compared to A.N.T. Farm, Austin and Ally is terrible. A.N.T. Farm is the bad one. It gives me overwhelming amounts of…

The premise is basic, the characters are bland, and the jokes are…”ehhh” worthy. Overall, this show falls in the line of bad. I regret putting Austin and Ally in the bad position. This is what a bad Disney Show looks like. It’s like watching a children’s play. You think it’s cheesy and downright embarrassing, but at the same time you respect the amount of effort that was out into it. But before we can make a solid conclusion, let’s look at the main part, the premise.

The premise is another rehash of the Disney MadLib.

Chyna is a gifted singer who has a gifted program named Advanced Natural Talent. Together with her friends Olive and Fletcher, they go on various misadventures.

So yeah, typical Disney premise.

But how are the characters? Well, like any Disney Channel show, the characters are extremely underdeveloped and are terribly bland. But to be honest, it’s a TV show, how much character development can they fit into 30 minutes?

But the big deciding point is….Are the jokes funny? Ehh… I don’t know. Sometimes the jokes are just lame, gross-out humor, but most of the time it’s lame, ironic humor. But to be honest, sometimes it made me smile. Heck, it sometimes even made me giggle a little bit. I was surprised that a Disney Channel show made me smile!

In the end, A.N.T. Farm is…ehh… It really is a bad show, but it isn’t as bad as the other shows in Disney Channel I have seen. So in the end A.N.T. Farm will give us overwhelmingly annoying amounts of “ehh” in the future.

See you later, Animators!


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