Disney Channel Week: Austin and Ally

To start off Disney Channel Week, I’ll talk bout one of the Disney Sitcoms of today. The ones that are as original as a Disney princess who wants more. What sitcoms will I be looking at? I’ll be looking at the newer ones like “ANT Farm”, “Austin and Ally”, “Good Luck Charlie”, and other Oswald droppings like that.

So to start off our review of the sitcom that makes us want to sit up and leave, is “Austin and Ally”.

Each Disney Channel Sitcom ranges from bad, terrible, and OMG KILL ME. This one falls under the bad area. Why? Because the characters are actually interesting. Sure they’re horrendously generic, but something about them makes me interested in them. The characters aren’t developed as much as we hope, but compared to other Disney Sitcoms, they have a distinct personality.

But we’re not here to complement Disney Channel, we’re here to hate it. What were the bad things about this show? Basically everything other than what I just established.

The basic premise is bland, the jokes are just downright terrible, and the dialogue is clumsy. It is cheesy, but that goes for all the Disney Channel Sitcoms.

The basic premise sounds pretty bland. And it follows what I like to call the Disney Channel MadLib. It is the same premise but some words are switched out.

This is the basic template:

_______ is a __________ who has a __________ named __________. Together with their friend(s) ________, they go on various misadventures.

Now here it is with the premise of Austin and Ally:

Ally is a songwriter who has a singer named Austin. Together with their friends Trisha and whatever the other guy’s name was, they go on various misadventures.

See what I mean? Not only that, but the story arcs are either boring, completely forgotten about, or just don’t build up to anything. And if the story arc is totally fine, they completely rush it. Like in the first episode, Austin is a complete jerk then a scene later, POOF he’s suddenly nice.

There’s no scene showing him come to the conclusion that he needs to change. He’s just, “I’M FAMOUS! Oh shoot, I can’t write songs. ALY WHERE ARE YOU!”

And the humor is just cheesy. They want to aim the humor for Pre-teens, but the humor doesn’t sound like something a Pre-teen would laugh at. It more sounds like a person with no sense of humor trying to write something he thinks a Pre-teen would laugh at.

They don’t understand the point of comedy. The reason why humans laugh because the punch line is something unexpected. It’s funny to be silly and random for a minute or two. But if you repeat it over and over again, people start to catch on. People will expect the punch line to be something silly or random.

Another thing about the comedy is the comedic timing. A joke shouldn’t be too short or dragged out too long. If a joke is being dragged out, at least have it build up to something. Make the joke just right.

Is this show good? No. Is this show so bad I want to kill a puppy? No. Like I said earlier, the show is bad. Not terrible. Just bad. But in Disney Channel Sitcom language that means IT IS AMAZING!

What kind of cheesy comedy will tomorrow bring? Find out tomorrow when I return with DISNEY CHANNEL WEEK!

See you later, Animators!

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