Hello my Animarmy! I like to call you guys that. I think it’s nice. But the point of this post is to announce some important announcements. I love announcements as much as I like chocolate cake. I am eating some right now! How fitting…

So let’s start:

1. Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth Part Three – No guys, I did not forget… Okay maybe I did forget, but that’s besides the point. I will get to the last part of the series sometime in the next two weeks. I most likely won’t do it next week because next week is…

2. Disney Channel Week – Just a reminder, I will be talking about different aspects of Disney Channel and we will collectively make fun of it. How much fun will that be?

3. Money – “Island of the Golden Caves” has a budget of $2,400. And we only have $150. So we will be starting a IndieGoGo campaign to raise some money! More info on that next week.

4. Five Factory – If you remember The Five Factory, we do many five minute sketches and podcasts. And one thing we are doing is something I like to call the “Unnecessary Films”.

Do you remember “Battleship”? Remember how unnecessary the film was and was only there to suck your wallets dry? So I had an idea to come up with the most ridiculous ideas for movies and put them into a five minute short. The films include; Chess, Minecraft, Jenga, and Monopoly.

Feel free to tell me any other pointless film ideas you have!

And that’s it! That will keep you updated! See you later, Animators!


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