Walt Disney is…

Now let’s see what Google has to say about Walt Disney.

Q: Is Walt Disney a Nazi?
A: No. What made you think that?

Q: Is Walt Disney body frozen?
A: First of all, your grammar isn’t not bad. But the answer is your question is no. Cryogenic freezing wasn’t invented back then. He was actually cremated instead, which is the exact opposite.

Q: Is Walt Disney cryogenically frozen?
A: Did I not just say?

Q: Is Walt Disney dead?
A: You are an idiot.

Q: Is Walt Disney evil?
A: No. Again, what made you think that?

Q: Is Walt Disney froz- nope… not even going to answer that one.

Q: Is Walt Disney gay?
A: I have noticed that everyone on Google seems to like asking if people are gay. But if you mean if he was happy, yes he was a very happy person. But I want you to know that Walt Disney had children… with a women… who was his wife.

Q: Is Walt Disney head froz- Oh Come on!

Q: Is Walt Disney illuminati?
A: Well, Walt is one person. Thinking he was the entire Illuminati would be a bit of the stretch. But if you think he is a member of the Illuminati, the answer is no. That is extremely dumb thinking he is part of this little conspiracy.

Q: Is Walt Disney Jewish?
A: He was Christian.

Q: Was Walt Disney kicked out of the military?
A: He was never in the army to begin with. He was too young. He actually was just a doctor.

Q: Is Walt Disney Latino?
A: No.

Q: Is Walt Disney Mexican?
A: No.

Q: Is Walt Disney Nazi?
A: You just took out the “a” in the middle didn’t you?

Q: Is Walt Disney on ice?
A: …what?

Q: Is Walt Disney preserved?
A: Well at least you didn’t ask if he was frozen.

No Q question.

Q: Is Walt Disney really froz- Okay, now you’re just messing with me!


Q: Is Walt Disney the devil?
A: No. That’s really dumb. If he was the devil he would have killed all of humanity!

Q: Is Walt Disney Ukrainian?
A: No. Ukrainian? That is just random.

Q: Is Walt Disney the voice of Mickey Mouse?
A: Well you are implying that question is present tense, so the answer is no. But he was the voice a long time ago.

Q: Is Walt Disney World a good place to work?
A: Yes. But if you ask Swoozie he’ll tell you otherwise.

No X or Y question.

Q: Was Walt Disney a Zionist?
A: Um. No, that’s taking it a bit too far…

And that’s all the questions Google has for Walt Disney and Animation. I hope you enjoyed this!

And remember folks, WALT DISNEY IS NOT FROZEN. And if you tell me otherwise, I will punch you in the face. See you later, Animators!

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