To Spongebob, or not to Spongebob?

Hey guys! We all love Spongebob. Who doesn’t? Okay tons of people don’t like Spongebob, but that’s besides the point.

Over the years, Spongebob has entertained the lives of children and adults everywhere. But to be totally honest…

…was Spongebob even that funny?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Spongebob. But I have noticed the decline in the humor on the show lately. I seemed to feel a more childish humor instead of that complex humor that the original Spongebob gave us. I talked about this on my Mickey Mouse Shorts post.

Even the designs look like they are made for young children. They went from the rough look to the rounded, cute look.

Now the comedy itself, does it hold up? Yes. Is it funny? That is a different story. The thing that made the old version funny was the characters. What they did and how they acted in certain situations. They changed so many of the characters into more simple and generic versions of themselves.

Spongebob went from the silly, young sponge to a dumb, clueless sponge. Spongebob was only clueless when he needed to be. Like when he first met Sandy and he didn’t know what air was, only to find out the hard way. That is acceptable. He was clueless because he lives underwater, where there is no air. But if you take the episode where Spongebob is taking driving lessons from a criminal. That’s fine by itself. But if you put it as far as the police chasing after him but he doesn’t notice what’s going on, that’s too much.

Another thing, Spongebob didn’t fail in his driving tests because he was clueless. He failed because he was too nervous.

Patrick. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. Where do I begin? Patrick went from being goofy and dumb to just being…well… dumb. He is just dumb now. Just dumb. He lost every character trait that made him interesting and funny and all that was left was dumb.

He used to be so funny. He was dumb, but not extremely dumb. Now, he’s just so dumb, you want to slap him in the face.

Now, let’s go to Squidward. He didn’t always hate his job at the Krusty Krab. Watch the first episode and see how much he liked Mr. Krabs and his job. The thing that made him like his job less was Spongebob. He didn’t downright hate his job. He just didn’t like it as much as he used to. He wasn’t bad at clarinet, he was actually pretty good at it. No one knocked down his door or sent him any death threats because of his music.

Now he’s annoyed at everything, completely clueless at his lack of talent, and all around mean. He feels too mean spirited and depressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Squidward Suicide” episode existed because he’s so depressing.

And that’s what I think of new Spongebob. Do I like it? No. But do I watch it? Yes, actually. But the only problem was the characters. The characters made the show funny. Not the jokes they said. A joke that wraps up this entire article is the werewolf joke from “The Patty Caper”. It is just so weird, so out of context, and so unfunny, it wraps up this article in a nutshell.

But if you are still watching Spongebob, do me a favor and watch the original three seasons every once and a while. Maybe you’ll like it. 🙂

See you later, Animators!


5 thoughts on “To Spongebob, or not to Spongebob?

  1. You are so right! The newer ones come on so often, I tire of them quickly. So for the past couple of years, when I see one that I haven’t seen in forever, I get really excited. My friends and family laugh at me when I see the title, gasp, and explain to them what that particular episode meant to me. Then I tell them it’s “a classic”. They just look at me funny then shake their head. They will never understand my relationship with SpongeBob.
    Also, if you would like recent and up to date facts on this amazing show, check out my blog.

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