Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth (part Two)

Heroes of Animation: Don Bluth (part two)

Don went on to bigger and better things after leaving Disney. His last short film seemed to be okay with the critics, so he had a pretty good reputation to live up to.

And to be totally honest, he did. Just like how “Banjo the Woodpile Cat” did okay, the studio’s first feature length film, “The Secret of NIMH”, did okay in the box office. But he did great with the critics. The film did better than “Banjo” did. And for good reason, too.

In my opinion, I thought the film was creative and really was interesting to watch and listen to. And as one of my favorite internet critics, Nostalgia Critic said, “The film creates a good parallel between science, beliefs, and the unknown.” And I agree.

In conclusion, the film did okay in the box office, but was critically acclaimed.

But because the film didn’t earn a lot in the box office, and also adding the fact that the company’s staff went on an animation industry wide strike, Don Bluth Productions was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Will Don Bluth recover from his bankruptcy? Find out next episode!!!!!!

(I’ve always wanted to make a cliffhanger like that. But we all know that he does recover. I mean, he did make a lot more animated films. Spoilers… 🙂


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