Cartoon Conspiracy Theories: Boy, they’re weird!

Okay, we’ve all heard stories like this. “THEY’RE TELLING MORE THAN WE THINK THEY’RE SAYING!!!!!!!” 


But these ones are just so creepy and outrageous, they seem… kind of real. Hear these two. These are my two all time favorites.

  1. Rugrats: We all know the Rugrats. So we all know Angelica. She was really mean to those babies. But how could she talk to them? Some people say that’s because the babies are all in her imagination. They are all dead and Angelica is just trying to remember them. But I don’t believe this theory because Nickelodeon said Angelica can talk to the babies because she’s right around the age where she’s learning how to speak proper English, but she can still understand baby talk.
  2. Garfield: Garfield is the little hungry old cat we know and love. But what if he was really hungry. I mean really hungry. What if Garfield was dying of starvation and is hallucinating Jon and Odie. There’s a comic strip that supports this theory. It seems like a legitimate theory. But I doubt it’s true.

Here’s the comic strip:

So that’s the two conspiracy theories that I like the most. They’re creepy, but they certainly aren’t true. Or are they?

Nah! They can’t be. See you later, animators!


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