A Bird!


A Bird!

Hey guys! I have been working on Blender. As a break form my film, I decided to do some character modelling.

Eventually, this little thingy here will soon become a bird. Hope you guys like it!

See you later, Animators!


Top 8 Animated Films I Hate But Everyone Else Likes

Hey guys! If you can remember, I wrote a post talking about a bunch of movies I liked but no one else did. And today I am going to do the opposite! Today I am going to talk about the Top Ten Animated Films I HATE But Everyone Else Likes.

This is inspired by Nostalgia Critic and The Animation Commendation. Thanks Guys!

Now, with the introduction out of the way, let’s start with number 8!

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Disney Channel Conclusion

Disney Channel Week is Finally Over!

To finish off Disney Channel Week, how about we talk about Disney Channel as a whole. What did I think of it? It sucked. How much did it suck? Let’s talk about it.

Not only is it obnoxiously unfunny, it gives us unoriginal premises and bland characters. The people who came up with the idea for these shows were obviously just there to make money,

It is not aware of how torturously unfunny it is. But it is just tying to get a quick buck. It disgusts me.

In conclusion, I regret watching this. I don’t know why someone in their right minds would want to watch this piece of Oswald droppings.

In fact, why do people watch it? Why do adults and children like it as much as they do? Why do they give themselves to this obvious corporate sellout? That question bothers me to this very day. What do they see that I don’t?

…Maybe that’s the point. They see something I don’t. Maybe they see it as something great. Maybe to them, it isn’t as bad as other say it to be.

That’s exactly it. They like it because it’s something that amuses them. They find the kind of humor Disney Channel has to offer funny. In their opinion, they think it’s great.

We don’t see it funny because it doesn’t suit our taste. It doesn’t amuse us. But does that make it bad? I guess if we don’t like something, it doesn’t make it bad. If we don’t like it, someone else does.

We shouldn’t think something is bad just because we don’t like it. For example, everyone hates Justin Bieber. But just because we don’t like his music, doesn’t make the music bad. It just doesn’t suit our taste. Maybe we should treat Disney Channel the same.

I’m going to respect other people’s opinions, and I think you should too. See you later, Animators!

Disney Channel Week: Other Disney Cartoons

Is there any part of Disney Channel that I like? Actually, Yes. I like the cartoons. I find them funny and creative.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Disney doing what they do best. Maybe the fact that there is effort in what they are doing. Whatever it is, I like them. If it’s not Fish Hooks, I am fine.

Why do I find them great? Let’s find out.

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Disney Channel Week: Fish Hooks

I wanted to make a post about all of the cartoons combined. But this one was so bad, it deserved a post of it’s own. GOOD JOB FISH HOOKS! YOU MADE ME LOSE ALL HOPE THAT DISNEY CHANNEL WAS DECENT.

Why don’t we say how we really feel about this little abomination we call a show! Let’s watch “Fish Hooks”.

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