This is a little guy I designed a few years ago as a puppet. I made the little guy out of yellow fleece and a couple of foam balls. The outcome looked similar to this.

A couple years later, I realized that the cute little fellow hasn’t been used in a while. I tried to think of a way to bring him back. That’s when I came up with this! A new Blender Model of Stubs! Yes, that’s what I named him.

I made him within an hour or two. He comes complete with IK feet rigging, facial shape key drivers, and a really cute bow tie. Trust me, bow ties are cool. I have four in my closet. I’m trying to start a collection. 🙂

Anyways. hope you like him. I have a few plans on what to do with him, but I was curious on what you guys wanted me to use him for. Post some ideas in the comments, don’t be shy. I would love to answer as many comments as I can!

In the meantime, See you later, Animators!


One thought on “STUBS!

  1. ahhhh…he’s adorable as the original puppet!! Can’t wait to hear him talk and move! Maybe you can create a short film like how Pixar does before they show their main feature film. Love it! Continue animating! You are awesome!

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