Oswald Reviews: “Man of Steel” (SPOILER ALERT)

I know. This is not an animated film. But to be fair, Superman was originally a comic book that turned into a cartoon. So, this technically counts.

Okay, since this isn’t an animated film. The format is going to be different.

Everyone knows the story of Superman, right? You could probably summarize the origin of Superman in a couple of sentences. All the Superman films I have seen summarized the beginning in such a short time. But how long does this movie explain the beginning? About 15 minutes. Yes, that’s how long it takes.

But I know what you might say, “BUT OSWALD! THEY DID THAT TO EXPLAIN THE STORY!!!!”

If that was the case, then why did they take the time to explain it again 15 minutes later!!!! If you have already explained the back story in great detail, why show it again?!?!?!

Another problem is that there is so many product placements. It’s just as bad as the beginning of “Skyfall” where they just kept saying brands of cars. In “Man of Steel”, Superman keeps running into places like “IHOP” and “SEARS”.

I guess I’m just nitpicking here. The ending was pretty cool. I liked what they did. The movie was good. It is so close to great but there are tiny flaws that bring it down a bit.

So this movie deserves a 8/10 in my opinion.

So that’s it! Next week I am reviewing “Monsters University”! So in the meantime, see you later, animators!


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