John Model UPDATE! 6/15/2013

John Model UPDATE! 6/15/2013

I removed the jacket because it caused some problems in the rig. And the rig is also pretty messed up now. The clothes messed with the rig badly.

The mesh deformation modifier messed up his left leg when you move it. So I deleted the rig, got rid of the jacket, and now I am trying to figure out how to make sure the deformations work fine.

I don’t know, but I might need to ask some people to model and rig for me. My models aren’t very good. It looks good! But the topology is terrible. If you know anyone who can model in Blender, tell him or her I need him or her!

After my little predicament is solved, I will post my time lapse video of me building the rig.

Thanks! See you later, Animators!


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