The Piece of (bad thing) that we like to call “Felix the Cat: The Movie”

Ah….Felix the Cat. We all know him. He is a classic 20’s cartoon character and one of the classic cartoons that I have on my 250 Classic Cartoons DVD that I won at my school raffle. But I’ll talk about that later.

Who knows that such a wonderful character would be in such a TERRIBLE MOVIE!!!! I am serious, half the stuff in this movie makes any sense! I know, the cartoons didn’t make a lot of sense either, but at least the things that were happening actually were…you know…probable!

For example, in the classic cartoons, Felix would get struck by lightning and now his nose doubles as a light switch. Makes a reasonable amount of sense, right? Now in the movie, the princess cries. And her tear suddenly turns into a golden yellow egg yolk and flies itself to the dimension travel machine to travel to Felix. Makes sense, right? Yep, it’s my normal Saturday.

And another thing, whenever the characters talk, their mouths don’t match what they are saying. It just drives me nuts! They don’t even close their mouths when they finish sentences! What low of a budget did they have? They must have wasted it all on the CG animated Felix head in the beginning and that didn’t even look good.

The giant CGI floating Felix head is possibly even worse than the animation in the film itself. Whenever he talks, his mouth just opens and closes slowly like Pac Man. The closest he gets to actually shaping his mouth into an actually shape is a simple circle. And after he goes back into Pac Man mouth.

In conclusion, this movie was atrocious. It was extremely terrible. I just don’t know what to say about it.

Tell me what else you want me to review. Whether it is bad or good, I will review it. So until next time, see you later, animators!


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