Man…There have been a lot of announcement posts.

Hey guys! Surprise! Another announcements post.

I have been busy working on CowCasts videos. I am going to be starting a Let’s Play video series there. Some of the games I will be playing will include “Portal”, “Minecraft”, and maybe even a little bit of “Call of Duty”.

So be sure to look out for that soon. I know it’s not animation related but I am a big part of the Cow Net project. And I also know that I haven’t been posting a lot of IotGC updates. But  don’t be afraid, I have not abandoned the project and I will be posting a time lapse video of me building the face rig for John. So stay tuned for that.

To summarize everything in a nut shell:

  • CowCasts videos coming soon
  • IotGC updates coming soon
  • John Time Lapse coming soon also

So in the meantime, See you later, Animators!


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