Procrastination…I hate you.

I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately. And I’m actually pretty surprised I haven’t written a post about this earlier. I have been trying to write the story for the past few days but I just can’t focus.

A day of writing all by myself would go sort of like this:“Oh hurrah! Another day of writing! I have so many ideas to write down!”

(opens up word document and starts to type)

(works for ten minutes and looks at time)

“I guess it won’t hurt to have a small break”

(pulls up YouTube and looks up DisneyParks)

“Okay time to type! …Okay maybe a few more YouTube videos won’t hurt”

(watches animation tutorials and continues to watch for a couple of hours and ends up watching AntVenom Minecraft videos)

“OKAY! OSWALD FOCUS! I need to get this done.”

(looks at time. clock reads 4:00 pm)

“Darn it!!!!! Time to close up the studio!”

(looks at computer, nothing has been typed)


And that’s a normal day for me. But don’t worry guys, I am working faster and more efficiently now. So I have question for you guys. Do you guys procrastinate? If so, how bad do you procrastinate? Okay, see you later animators!


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