I….I just don’t know… I don’t. I just think Disney has run out of ideas. It’s a good thing Pixar had nothing to do with this. But I can’t judge until I’ve seen the movie.

I got to admit, I absolutely love the sound track. It’s just beautiful. The look of it is pretty too. But what’s really ticking me off is that it’s not made by Pixar. It’s made by Disney Toon Studios.

I feel it’s just going to be just a bad sequel to “Cars”.

And no, we are not going to bring up “Cars 2”.


4 thoughts on ““Planes”….ugh.

  1. Yeah, I think the vast majority of laypeople will assume that this is a Pixar film and not DisneyToon Studios!

    But, I’m glad that it is a DisneyToon Studios film and not part of the Disney Canon! That would be tragic!

  2. We saw the premiere of Planes while on a Disney Cruise. I really wanted to like it, but….. it was like a poor spinoff of Cars. I think Disney can do better. I can’t believe they are so out of ideas, that they came out with this. On the other hand, my young niece and nephew (5 & 8) liked it.

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