The Mickey Mouse Shorts have Arrived!


What are my thoughts on these, their okay. Just okay. Not good, but not bad. Just okay.

There are various pros and cons to this and I will list just the major ones.

The pros are that it keeps the feel of the original cartoons back in the 20’s. The comedy is more of a slapstick take and gives back the personality of Mickey Mouse that he used to have.

Mickey was still nice and a good friend, but yet he was edgy, and at times, a bit of a jerk. I’m glad they brought back the Mickey we know and love. Now that Mickey’s back, how about Oswald Disney?

My main problem of this short is the fact that it seems a bit too cheesy. Get it? He’s a mouse. Mice like cheese. Never mind.

Anyways, the jokes can be a bit bland at times and reminds me a bit of the newer Spongebob episodes. Which makes perfect sense because the producer also produced Spongebob.

As in the case of Spongebob, the jokes were too childish and they never usually fit the character telling the joke. We know Spongebob is supposed to be dumb, but not as dumb as the jokes portray him to be. He is supposed to be dumb like he was a child who was still learning.

This goes the same for these cartoons. we know Mickey is supposed to be goofy. But we shouldn’t go so over the top he goes out of character.

I may be just nit picking here. The jokes in the old 20’s version were just as cheesy and overused as these ones. And some of the jokes here actually made me laugh. So I guess this ones not a big problem.

So in conclusion, these new shorts aren’t the biggest thing a Disney fan has been waiting for. But people new to Mickey Mouse would like it. It brings back the Mickey we remember. But would I see the other shorts? Actually, yes. The short isn’t that bad. I would like to watch it many times.

But if you really want nostalgic Mickey Mouse, how about we wait until we “Get a Horse”.

What is your opinion? Say it down there below. So in the meantime, See you later, Animators!


Captain Smith UPDATE! 6/30/13


Captain Smith UPDATE! 6/30/13

With John finished, I decided to start on the villain of our film, the very blood thirsty pirate hater, Captain Smith. He looks a bit like John so far, but with a bit more tweaking, he will look like the blood thirsty captain that we will remember.

The character was designed by Ben from Cow Talks. I actually had the character sketch for this guy since the beginning of John, but I only waited until now to actually model him.

He’s starting off great! I hope you guys like him!
See you later, animators!

IotGC UPDATE! 6/29/13

I have to admit, John isn’t doing so well with me. The model looks great, but the rigging is really bad. It’s probably the topology of the mesh that’s not working. I was thinking of either redoing him, or hiring someone else to help me. Give me some ideas guys! The comment section is always empty. Give some advise if you have any, be as honest as you can possibly be!

Anyways, the story is so close to be finished. If something went wrong now, I would die. Production is still slow. We are in the process of earning money for the film, so we are pretty occupied with that.

So that’s it for now. Help me decide between making John again, or keeping it the way it is. If I were to do it again, should I get help? Or should I do it on my own again? You guys decide.

See you later, animators!




This is a little guy I designed a few years ago as a puppet. I made the little guy out of yellow fleece and a couple of foam balls. The outcome looked similar to this.

A couple years later, I realized that the cute little fellow hasn’t been used in a while. I tried to think of a way to bring him back. That’s when I came up with this! A new Blender Model of Stubs! Yes, that’s what I named him.

I made him within an hour or two. He comes complete with IK feet rigging, facial shape key drivers, and a really cute bow tie. Trust me, bow ties are cool. I have four in my closet. I’m trying to start a collection. 🙂

Anyways. hope you like him. I have a few plans on what to do with him, but I was curious on what you guys wanted me to use him for. Post some ideas in the comments, don’t be shy. I would love to answer as many comments as I can!

In the meantime, See you later, Animators!

John Model UPDATE!!!! 6/26/13


Hey Guys! I am so close to being done with John!!! I have finished rigging him and I have created a little animation test for his facial expressions! Hope you guys like it!

And also, next week or so I will be releasing a new way I will be reviewing movies. An old friend of mine has come back to help me out! You’ll see him next week.

See you later, animators!

Oswald Reviews: “Monsters University” (SPOILER ALERT)

I remember little three year old me, watching the first “Monsters” movie. The nostalgia. So certainly it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to watch the next one. I really wished Boo was in this one, but hey, let’s just be happy Pixar decided to give us a nice return to the Monster world.

Story: I got to admit. This movie was Pixar’s return. “Cars 2” was Pixar’s first decent film. “Brave” was an improvement, but it still wasn’t perfect. “Monsters University” on the other hand, is how Pixar is supposed to be.

The story makes you think you know what’s going to happen, but then it turns on you. It gives a sense of surprise. The jokes are good and they actually made me giggle. Which is amazing because movies don’t usually make me laugh. The scary and tense moments are very good. They actually made me jump sometimes. Overall, the story is Pixar at their best.

Animation: As always, Pixar did phenomenal on the animation. Everything seems utterly realistic. Every little detail is just beautiful. And I really liked the “Winds of Change” poster on Randall’s wall. I really heard them. 🙂

Characters: Pixar did a great job at remaining the characters we know and love. We think Sully is just basically a jerk at first, but then we really learn the true feelings of him and how he’s always so afraid of not living up to his family name. Mike is basically the character we remember. But the thing about him is that I can relate to him, and I am sure we all can. There was a point in my life that I wanted to prove that I’m something special. The new characters are pretty likable. Most of them are very memorable.

Overall, I say this movie was great. The story is Pixar-standard, the animation is also, and the characters are very memorable and fun. I would certainly recommend this to people who are fans of “Monsters Inc.” and those who are new to the film.

Story: 10/10
Animation: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Overall: 9.6/10 (average out to a 10/10)

3D: Maybe