IotGC UPDATE! 2/27/13

IotGC UPDATE! 2/27/13

Hey! Updated my model a lot yesterday. I added legs, feet, and even started on the arms. I did all this in probably an hour and a half. I’m not so sure.

Update on the story: The story is moving slower than usual. Ben is off on vacation for the memorial day weekend and won’t be back till tomorrow or later. So story will not be going as it is planned to. But no worries, we only have ten more scenes to write for the middle. The beginning scenes are getting some work done, so expect the beginning to be different from the book.

Speaking of the book, I will be posting the manuscript of the book here on the files. It did not win an award like the “Carl” book. I really see why I did not win the award. I did not put as much time into it like my last book. “IotGC” took about three months and “Carl” took almost a year. So, I can see why they didn’t like it.

Main Idea: Model looks great, story is moving slow, and book manuscript coming soon.

In the meantime, see you later, animators!


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