My Thoughts on “Big Hero Six”

I am a big Disney fan. I am also a comic book fan. The perfect nerd. 🙂

When I heard Disney was buying Marvel I was pretty sure Disney was going to mess everything up like, “Do this” and “Do that”. I was sure Marvel movies would fall because of Disney kiddifying it.

…and then the Avengers came out.

…then Iron Man 3.

And now this. “Big Hero Six”. I know what you are thinking.

“Oswald, what is “Big Hero Six?”

When I first got the news, I didn’t know either. “Big Hero Six” is a not-so-well known comic made by Marvel. It is about a team of super heroes from Japan. But in Disney’s adaptation, the movie is set in the city of “San Fransokyo”. This rather strange city is a mix of San Francisco and Tokyo, if you didn’t notice.

Personally, I’m rather interested in what Disney is going to do with a series that most people don’t know about. Obviously, people who are very familiar with the comic will have better constructive criticism about the movie, since they know the comic better than I do.

When the movie comes out, I will definitely see it. So watch out for a movie review on “Big Hero Six” which comes out November 7, 2014.

Until then, See you later, animators!


One thought on “My Thoughts on “Big Hero Six”

  1. As much as I think “Big Hero 6” may make a nice animated movie for Disney; I’m unhappy that it’ll be part of the Disney Canon. It just doesn’t seem right to me to make a Marvel-inspired animated film be part of the Disney Canon!

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