I’m Bored

I was bored one day and decided to animate. And whenever I animate, I usually animate with the feeling of which I was feeling

…and this is what came out of that.

Voice out your opinions and tell me if I need to improve anything. I’m still learning, so advice would help a lot.


3 thoughts on “I’m Bored

    • I would really recommend Blender. This software is for CG animation and it is what I use. Blender is a good substitute for Maya if you have a tight budget. It is kinda complex. It took me nearly a year to fully understand the controls and everything. But if you learn how to use it correctly, you can make some top quality animation with it.

      • And if you want to learn a little about the software, there are a bunch of videos online you can look for. Cgboorman is one person who is great for beginners.

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