IotGC UPDATE! 5/15/2013

As you know, I am creating a feature-length animated film titled, “Island of the Golden Caves.” The production on this film is going by pretty fast. We’re still in the story stage. The second act of the movie is still being written, but the first and third acts are nearly finished.

We’ve have a small crew of five people. We have:

And that’s what we have so far. I will update you when something happens in production that’s worth talking about. So in the meantime, see you later animators!


2 thoughts on “IotGC UPDATE! 5/15/2013

  1. Cough… Why hello Bri… I mean Oswald. Well I finally found you on wordpress! I’m glad to see you blogging about animation. Well for more contact you know where to find me broseph. Cow Talks!

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