John Model Update 5/30/13


John Model Update 5/30/13

Things are going well! Added boots and bag.


IotGC UPDATE! 5/29/13

Hey guys! Another update today! Okay. Ben just got back from vacation and now production is booming again. The beginning scene has been assigned to Ben. I’m writing the rest of the beginning. The middle is still challenging, but we’ll get there soon!

I’ll post a John Model Update later today. I’ve started on his clothes. He just needs his bag and shoes. And don’t forget his hair

So in the meantime, see you later animators!.

Oswald Reviews: “Epic” by Blue Sky Studios

Last week, I watched “Epic”. This looked like a pretty cool movie from just watching the trailer. But when I watched the movie…well. How about we find out ourselves.

This review will be divided into three parts. I will be judging the story, the characters and their design, and the animation. And at the end I will give a score for each category and then a final grand score of the entire movie.

So with the introduction out of the way, let us begin!

Story: The story is just amazing. It is very creative and original. I know, I know, the movie came from a book but the story is still impressive.

Characters: The characters are so well developed and it makes you want to feel for the characters. My favorite character was Ronan. This guy is just so awesome and his character is very well written. The other characters are good. But some aren’t as good as others.

Animation: The animation is just stunning. The design is breathtaking and beautiful. The character animation is unique. It gives us something new and yet something we’ve seen before. Each movement is realistic but not too realistic. It has a cartoonish feel, without losing its believability.

“Epic” was certainly a movie that is certainly worth going to the theater for. It has an original story, interesting characters, and beautiful animation. It is something I would recommend for the whole family.

Story: 9/10
Characters: 8/10
Animation: 10/10

Total: 9/10

3D: Yes

IotGC UPDATE! 2/27/13


IotGC UPDATE! 2/27/13

Hey! Updated my model a lot yesterday. I added legs, feet, and even started on the arms. I did all this in probably an hour and a half. I’m not so sure.

Update on the story: The story is moving slower than usual. Ben is off on vacation for the memorial day weekend and won’t be back till tomorrow or later. So story will not be going as it is planned to. But no worries, we only have ten more scenes to write for the middle. The beginning scenes are getting some work done, so expect the beginning to be different from the book.

Speaking of the book, I will be posting the manuscript of the book here on the files. It did not win an award like the “Carl” book. I really see why I did not win the award. I did not put as much time into it like my last book. “IotGC” took about three months and “Carl” took almost a year. So, I can see why they didn’t like it.

Main Idea: Model looks great, story is moving slow, and book manuscript coming soon.

In the meantime, see you later, animators!

Animation 101: The Twelve Principles of Animation (part 2)

Today I will continue explaining the Twelve Principles of Animation. Today we will talk about principles 7-12.

7. Arcs – Every animation should happen in arcs. No movement should happen in a straight-line, unless you are animating a robot. When you raise your arm, you don’t just take your arm and move it straight up. Usually you would turn your hand and curve it above your head.

8. Secondary Action – This basically means any little movement that helps make the movement realistic. When you walk, you also swing your arms. Secondary movement in action.

9. Timing – This principle is a bit hard to explain, so bear with me folks. This principal tells that every animated movement should be perfectly timed so that the audience will feel the same emotions as the character. Basically, a movement should be timed appropriately.

10. Exaggeration – A movement in an animated sequence should be realistic, but can still be wild and crazy at the same time. This draws back to the squash and stretch principal. You can read about that principal in the last episode of Animation 101.

11. Solid Drawing – This principle is supposed to imply that a hand drawn character should appear to have volume, weight, and mass. Famous Disney animators, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas warned against a character who’s left and right side looked the same.

12. Appeal – A character MUST be interesting. A character MUST have appeal. If the character is good, we should be obligated to root for the character. If the character is the bad, we must feel threatened or we must want the character to fail in its evil plot. A character MUST have some appeal.

And those are the twelve principles of animation. Hopefully I have helped you understand these famous principals of animation and further increased your knowledge in the field of animation.

Tell me if you want more of these Animation 101 lessons and I will be glad to write some more!

See you later, animators!

IotGC UPDATE 5/26/13

Due to budget and time issues, “Island of the Golden Caves” will be cut from 90 minutes, to 30 minutes. This is disappointing, but let’s be glad that the film hasn’t been canceled. We are still writing, but we are very close to finishing. Modeling is now officially starting. But we are only modeling what we are sure will be in the movie. So that’s it.

See you later, animators!

Spread the Word! And thank you.

Hello! I know I don’t normally do this but, I’m writing this post to encourage you to spread the word of my blog. I encourage you to invite all your animating friends to my blog. Tell it to anyone you think would be interested.

I just passed my 100th view of my blog and I actually didn’t expect no more than ten. Just wanted to thank the eight of you who are following me right now. Thank you for sticking with me this past month. It means a lot to me!

And also, suggest some things you want me to talk about in the comments and maybe I’ll write some of them!

In the meantime, see you later, animators!